Fractal Monarch


Reaching through the void, a spark of light unfolds, pulling itself into existence and spreading its multifaceted wings to illuminate the darkest corners of our universe.


David Ariew




2340 X 3110

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Behind the scenes

In Fractal Monarch, David Ariew demonstrates his fascination with working with mirror boxes, also known as infinite mirror rooms. In person, the mirrors create a strange effect, expanding the space that the viewer sits inside, and immersing them in the lighting and design of the set. In CG, the artist takes this effect even further by expanding and contracting fully reflective rooms, and playing with geometry that would be impossible to build in reality. He uses fisheye lenses with extreme focal lengths, plays with tumbling cameras, syncing lighting hits to music and changing the shape of the rooms over time.

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First iteration of style frames

Fractal "Monarch"

If I can affect the audience emotionally in some way, whether it's to put them in a state of awe, or make them laugh, or cry, or put them into a trance, then I feel like I've created something special and meaningful.

- David Ariew

David enjoys the emergent properties of this type of abstract work, where he appears to be more of a partner with the software, exploring the worlds he creates and constantly finding unexpected results. The artist’s wife, Chelsea, thinks his work is spiritual in nature, even if he does not identify as a spiritual person.

Second stage of transformation

Nevertheless, his work can be soothing and hypnotic, or energetic and impactful, and patterns akin to sacred geometry emerge of their own accord. It puts the viewer through a unique experience, almost hallucinogenic, without the need for any mind-altering substances.

TRLab Notes

Created to benefit Save The Children, Fractal Monarch is a futuristic digital insect done mainly in black and gold to correspond with Tatler’s theme colors. The work represents the butterfly effect, symbolizing how a small contribution can make a large impact on a child’s future.