David Ariew

CyberNoodles by David Ariew

David Ariew is a 3D artist and educator, known to the community as "Octane Jesus" thanks to his hair, and a comment that took off in one of his tutorials. He has worked with artists like Beeple, Deadmau5, Zedd, Katy Perry, Keith Urban, and Excision. He develops several artistic styles from energetic concert visuals that are tightly synced with the music, to creating overly ambitious, full CG short films, as well as abstract and mesmerizing animations.

The Nascent Metaverse by David Ariew

Love in the Time of Space Invaders by David Ariew

Abstract work is just as important to me as my narrative digital cinematography work.

- David Ariew

He looks to grow the NFT community and help up-and-coming 3D artists gain traction in the space. He believes that there is an absurd level of talent out there, but often that talent remains unknown by the community at large, which is something he would like to help change.

Down on the Render Farm by David Ariew

TRLab Notes

David is first and foremost one of the best digital artists in the world, and he has a strong sense of responsibility as a leader in his field. Because of this sense of responsibility, he has been an avid educator by making tutorials and courses on how to use some of the world's best rendering tools, highlighting the joy and satisfaction of contributing to a community of digital artists.

Artworks By David Ariew