David Ariew x Tatler China: The Philanthropic Journey of an NFT Artwork

This collaboration marks a milestone: when a still image from David Ariew’s digital artwork Fractal Monarch appears on the cover of Tatler China, it will be the first NFT to do so on a Chinese magazine. TRLab is honored to launch the digital component of this project, as well as facilitate the sale of Fractal Monarch. The artwork will be available to purchase once the magazine is published in December.

50% of the proceeds donated to the charity organization Save The Children.

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Fractal "Monarch"

The NFT technology has revolutionized art and the categorization of collectables.

- Paco Tang, Managing Director & Editorial Director of Tatler China

As Paco Tang, Managing Director and Editorial Director of Tatler China, comments, "NFT technology has revolutionized art and the categorization of collectables. With the help of blockchain technology, people can truly own digital assets in the form of NFT, making it unerasable, traceable, and easy to transfer ownership over a painting, a song, a video, or even a 'skin' in the virtual world of computer games. This ownership can be traded on the traditional auction market as well as the emerging crypto-based platforms."

David Ariew’s multifaceted identity as an artist, educator and collector makes him the ideal collaborator for this NFT charity project. As a digital artist he is among the world’s best, and is a pioneer in the field of 3D animation. He has worked with Beeple, Deadmau5, Zedd, Katy Perry, Keith Urban, Excision, and more.

The Tatler China collaboration was organized by Tung Yuk Li, who co-founded Triple X and is currently dedicated to producing high-quality crypto art projects. Created to benefit Save The Children, Fractal Monarch is a futuristic digital insect done mainly in black and gold to correspond with Tatler's theme colors. The work represents the butterfly effect, symbolizing how a small contribution can make a large impact on a child's future. Fractal Monarch has a robust energy, with soothing undertones granted by its depth. It lets viewers see an optical illusion without using a device, creating a unique experience simply by looking.

Presented by Paco Tang, Tatler China Managing Director & Editorial Director

Curated by Tung Yuk Li, Co-Founder and CEO of Triple X


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Meet the artist

"We are honored to be working with David Ariew and Tatler China on this collaboration. We have been big fans of David's work and know David for his awe-inspiring visuals. The masterful renders aside, we have also experienced first the kindness and generosity from both David and his wife, Chelsea! TRLab is proud to provide a real way of supporting such a meaningful cause through this sale." - Audrey Ou, CEO of TRLab