Memories of Tomorrow

Shanghai’s historic Capitol Theatre reopens with an ambitious immersive installation by digital artist Six N. Five. Co-organized by TRLab and Rockbund Art Museum, Memories of Tomorrow fills the iconic 1920s architecture of Shanghai’s first modernist cinema with an existential journey of breathtaking scale and depth.

Argentinian-born, Barcelona-based Six N. Five, a.k.a Ezequiel Pini, is best known for his poetic mirages that combine sculptural, architectural and digital techniques that transform the viewers’ experience of time and space. Structured over four "acts", Memories of Tomorrow contemplates the plasticity of perception and memory in the digital age. The narrative unfolds through a series of spatial "performances", played out through Pini’s rigorous and symphonic studies of light and shadow, symmetry and geometry. Recalling Joseph Kosuth’s seminal conceptual gesture, the chair recurs throughout Pini’s installation as a motif of human presence and absence, caught between pixels and atoms.

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Memories of Tomorrow Exhibition Documentary

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Opened in 1928, the Capitol Theatre was a symbol of Shanghai's golden era, with its dreams of technological and cosmopolitan futurity. Almost a century on from that cinematic golden age, we sit at a far more ambiguous juncture, where technology is a ubiquitous force in our lives. Pini's oneiric interventions into the Capitol's architectural surface excavate the spectral and existential presence of the digital in shaping our realities, blurring the boundaries between history, memory and dream.


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Meet the artist

Six N. Five, a.k.a Ezequiel Pini, is an award-winning Argentinian digital artist and designer based in Barcelona, who has also recently taken on Art world representation by Triple X. Over the last decade, Pini has pioneered the use of 3D to create imaginary, dreamlike worlds with his signature clean, modern aesthetic. His work incorporates different mediums to explore imaginary spaces, moving stories and physical works.