TRLab x RAM: Memories of Tomorrow
TRLab's Inaugural Exhibition: An Immersive Installation by Digital Artist Six N. Five

November 3, 2023 | Updated on December 15, 2023

arches.png PAISAJES (Nature) Six N. Five, 2023,Digital moving image with sound, 1 min., Loop, Courtesy of the artist.

TRLab x RAM: Memories of Tomorrow

Shanghai’s historic Capitol Theatre Building reopens with an ambitious immersive installation by digital artist Six N. Five. Co-organized by TRLab and Rockbund Art Museum, Memories of Tomorrow fills the iconic 1920s architecture of Shanghai’s first modernist cinema with an existential journey of breathtaking scale and depth.

Argentinian-born, Barcelona-based Six N. Five, a.k.a Ezequiel Pini, is best known for his poetic mirages that combine sculptural, architectural and digital techniques that transform the viewers’ experience of time and space. Structured over four “acts”, Memories of Tomorrow contemplates the plasticity of perception and memory in the digital age. The narrative unfolds through a series of spatial “performances”, played out through Pini’s rigorous and symphonic studies of light and shadow, symmetry and geometry. Recalling Joseph Kosuth’s seminal conceptual gesture, the chair recurs throughout Pini’s installation as a motif of human presence and absence, caught between pixels and atoms.

Opened in 1928, the Capitol Theatre Building was a symbol of Shanghai’s golden era, with its dreams of technological and cosmopolitan futurity. Almost a century on from that cinematic golden age, we sit at a far more ambiguous juncture, where technology is a ubiquitous force in our lives. Pini’s oneiric interventions into the Capitol’s architectural surface excavate the spectral and existential presence of the digital in shaping our realities, blurring the boundaries between history, memory and dream.

Exhibition Information

Six N. Five: Memories of Tomorrow
1F Capitol Theatre Building No. 142 Huqiu Road. Huangpu District, Shanghai
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-18:00 (Closed on Monday)


Six N. Five
Six N. Five, a.k.a Ezequiel Pini, is an award-winning Argentinian digital artist and designer based in Barcelona. Over the last decade, Pini has pioneered the use of 3D to create imaginary, dreamlike worlds with his signature clean, modern aesthetic. His work incorporates different mediums to explore imaginary spaces, moving stories and physical works. Six N. Five is exclusively represented by Triple X, an international organization that specializes in digital art and represents some of the world’s leading digital artists.

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TRLab fuses technology with fine art expertise to engage people in the discovery of new art forms. Digital, technology, and experimentation are our key words. Since its founding in 2021, TRLab has successfully designed and launched innovative collecting experiences with leading digital and traditional artists. We enable a new medium for artistic expression and expand the collector base for artists and institutions. We democratize access to know but previously inaccessible art for collectors and fans. TRLab was incubated by significant players in the art industry, including Christie's Auction House, Artsy, Pace Gallery, and founders of Rockbund Art Museum and ART021.

Rockbund Art Museum(RAM)
Inaugurated in 2010, the Rockbund Art Museum is a contemporary art museum located on the Bund in Shanghai. In considering what it means to be an Asia-based contemporary art museum in the 21st century, RAM aims to explore the importance of "archipelago thinking": connecting to artistic culture across Asia and beyond to gain richer perspectives on today’s challenges, practices, and networks within contemporary artistic practices.


ROCKBUND neighborhood is located on the north of the world-famous Bund in central Shanghai. It includes six new buildings and 11 heritage buildings offering GFA of approx. 94,000㎡. ROCKBUND is a platform for the art and culture community that offers diverse creative experiences, including museums and art galleries, libraries and bookstores, music studios, more than 10 restaurants and cafes, and many innovative lifestyle and fashion brands. The ROCKBUND project has seen the revitalization of this area by a team of international architects. David Chipperfield Architects has been commissioned with the restoration and refurbishment of 11 historic buildings and the overall architectural design of ZA· Andrews & George Building. Arquitectonica has designed five new buildings.


In 1947, Christian Dior, founder of the House of DIOR, presented his first collection at 30 Avenue Montaigne, inciting a fashion revolution with his “New Look”. Over 70 years, his visionary spirit never ceased to glorify women all over the world. Season after season, this exceptional heritage is reinvented by the singular creative passion, force and modernity of the House’s Creative Directors who make the DIOR magic live on with audacity, excellence of savoir-faire and its unique beauty of the gesture. Today, DIOR continues to design dreams, with product categories encompassing Haute Couture, Womenswear, Menswear, Baby Dior, Jewelry and Watch, Dior Maison, Skincare, Makeup and Fragrance, whilst continuously exploring the fields of art, culture and social responsibility.


Founded on November 6, 2013, ZhongAn Online P&C Insurance Co., Ltd. (ZhongAn) is the first online-only insurance company in China, and was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on September 28, 2017 (stock code: 6060). Headquartered in Shanghai and supported by dual-engine of “Insurance + Technology”, ZhongAn Online P&C Insurance Co., Ltd. features a branch-less model, and uses leading technologies to reform the insurance value chain. We operate our businesses mainly in ecosystems of health, digital lifestyle, consumer finance and auto, providing personalized, customized and intelligent insurance products and risk management solutions. By the end of June of 2023, we served over 5 million customers, issued about 57.4 billion insurance policies in total. While using technology to innovate our own insurance business, we also export our mature technology solutions and proven business model to domestic and overseas insurance industry. With the mission of “driving financial development through technology and introducing service-oriented insurance products to the market”,we hold value of simplicity, speed, innovation and win-win, and will base on a new starting point, adhere to quality growth, and lead the development of the new era of insurance.


Triple X
Triple X is an international organization that specializes in digital art, founded in 2021. It aims to extend the existing contemporary art system and build a more inclusive ecology. Triple X represents some of the world's leading digital artists and motion designers; also, it has curated and participated in a number of prestigious art projects and exhibitions since its inception, laying a foundation for its approach to increase the reputation and depth of digital art and the organization. Triple X's mission is to unite exceptional artists to continuously impact and improve audiences’ experience and perception of the digital medium, art exhibitions, to reach a wider group, to achieve cross-industry exchanges and cooperation, and to bring real "change" to the era that we live in.

NEXT1AND is an innovative company that integrates art and technology, dedicated to building the world's most dynamic IP operation organizations and cultural & artistic commodity trading platform. NEXT1AND believes the power of innovation, adheres to the concept of “Making every artistic creator be seen”, strives to integrate elites in culture, art, and community relationships to achieve sustainable value-win results.

ShowTex is a worldwide leader in inventing, manufacturing, selling and installing the most innovative flame-retardant fabrics, curtain tracks and motion control systems, for achieving the creative vision of event & entertainment professionals.

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