Your Daytime Fireworks
A Step by Step Guide to Setting Off Your Daytime Fireworks

April 22, 2022 | Updated on March 5, 2023

Congrats on making it this far! For those who are new to Your Daytime Fireworks, here’s a recap on all that has happened:

What is it Your Daytime Fireworks invites collectors to set off their own virtual daytime fireworks. Through the project, collectors will follow in the footsteps of Cai as they undertake their own exploration and participation. They will feel the uncertainty as well as the unexpected joy Cai experienced as he set off fireworks in different regions and under different weather conditions across the globe. There are three chapters to this project: Golden Tickets, Firework Packet Minting, and Your Daytime Fireworks.

Chapter 1: Golden TicketsStatus: Completed

During Chapter 1, users were invited to complete a short quiz about Cai’s rich artistic life on the project website. Those who scored more than 60% on the quiz were eligible to claim a non-transferable and free “Golden Ticket” NFT.

Chapter 2: Firework Packet MintingStatus: Sold Out, Now Available on Opensea

To set off your own Daytime Fireworks, you first need to acquire a Firework Packet. During Chapter 2, users were categorized into tiers that allowed everyone a fair chance to mint Firework Packets. Different tiers had exclusive benefits, for example, Golden Ticket NFT owners received their own special benefits that set them apart from the general public.

  • Total supply of Firework Packets: 7,000
  • Mint price: 0.18 ETH

Chapter 3: Your Daytime FireworksStatus: The 90 day Cailander has begun! Also available on Opensea

Starting today, this is the period where users can ignite their Firework Packets and set off daytime fireworks. To understand when the fireworks will be revealed and what they will look like, go check out the “Cailendar”, a specially designed virtual calendar that is independent of standard earth time.

Here’s how to choose a day to set off your Daytime Firework:

A step by step guide


Step 1

Log in to the website and connect your wallet. Ensure your wallet holds a valid Firework Packet NFT.


Step 2

When a Cailendar day begins, the day’s weather and geographic location will be announced on our website, each condition will affect the shape of the resulting firework. You will then have 9 hours to choose whether you want to set off your Firework that day.


Step 3

After choosing a date, you will need to “burn” your Firework Packet in order to receive the final NFT. This will incur a small additional gas fee, which will be determined at the time of the transaction.


Step 4

It’s time to set off some daytime fireworks! At the end of each Cailendar day, at 7 AM and 7 PM EST, the fireworks of the day will be set off and revealed.

  • A generic firework NFT will be transferred to your wallet upon minting. At the end of the day, the real appearance of your firework will be revealed.
  • You must claim a specific firework before it is revealed at the end of the Cailendar “day”, otherwise you will need to pick another day to claim.
  • No minting can occur between 7 AM — 10 AM EST and 7 PM — 10 PM EST.

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