A disturbing dystopian vision of AI 2041 is in full effect with QU4NTUM. If a machine could be a supervillain, this is it. Humanity is absent, and we are evidently at its perilous mercy.






2160 X 2160

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Behind the scenes

NessGraphics' QU4NTUM instantly captivates the audience by placing us into a deeply ominous scenario. Humanity has been hijacked. We encounter a computer that relishes in wielding its own power, intoxicated in its capability to drive our collective reality.

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Detail sketch of staircase leading to the spherical quantum computer

Layer of background lighting illuminating the quantum computer

I dove into creating this artwork of what I would think this unhinged scientist's evil lair would be like

- NessGraphics

Sketch of QU4NTUM detailing the scene and composition

The artwork explores our penchant to enjoy 'control' of everything and everyone, yet this innately human tendency is processed through quantum mechanics. Can AI grow to be narcissistic? Can a computer be sadistic? A reflection on AI 2041, this artwork brazenly embraces this distinctly dystopian possibility. The scene is atmospheric and moody with a disconcerting tone, leaving no question that we have clearly gone down the wrong path.

TRLab Notes

NessGraphics' QU4NTUM is perhaps the most disturbing of all explorations of AI 2041. There's not even a slight semblance of harmonious balance present in this version of the future; humanity has been conquered by technology and a highly-advanced computer has grown to become a brutal, sadistic overlord. Some kind of artificial evil has been unleashed, despite our best intentions. We have lost this battle but the war is just beginning.

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