K1LLSCR33N by NessGraphics

25 year old digital artist Alex Ness works in a wide range of modern media, known primarily for his mastery of 3D animation, modeling, and design. From the age of 12, Ness gravitated towards the use of technology to captivate his audience through digital story telling at varying scale, showcasing his visual art alongside award-winning musicians at globally prominent events and shows.

ngmi. Edition 1 of 1 by NessGraphics

TERMINAL 15 by NessGraphics

With NFTs, I get to do exactly what I want. It's all me.

- NessGraphics

Ness weaves in soothing undertones of dystopian and cyberpunk timelessness into his work, and is widely respected as a thought leader in the NFT world.

SECTOR 14. by NessGraphics

TRLab Notes

NessGraphics is a virtuoso of 3D animation, modeling and design. His artwork tends to channel a perspective involving cyberpunk themes and usually veers towards a dystopian outlook. As a visual storyteller, he seizes the opportunity to articulate his tales with obsessive detail. Culminating in a feast for the eyes, one can rely on always discovering more and more within the intricate composition with every viewing.

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