Happiness Mainframes


Happiness Mainframes is an extension of the animated composition, Ultimate Services For Your Happiness. The work consists of 60 unique still frames - collectors won't know what their piece is until they mint it. Surprise!


Brendan Dawes




2160 X 3840

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Behind the scenes

In previous generations, the term "happy go lucky" referred to a carefree person with no troubles. Today, terms like "living the dream" are rooted in irony. Should one use this phrase in current society it may literally mean the opposite. To AI, this is a data set that is potentially too nuanced to compute.

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Wireframe - Ultimate Services For Your Happiness

Sketch - Ultimate Services For Your Happiness

The piece is about that dichotomy between human beings and machines, and can a machine truly understand what happiness is? And if it can, what does that mean for being human and our future and society?

- Brendan Dawes

Wireframe - Ultimate Services For Your Happiness

Dawes's series of editions document fleeting moments as his AI processes #myhappylife continuously. These stills represent how we might examine a particular memory. Sometimes, we have an experience that refuses to dissipate; it lingers with maddening intensity. With these unique editions, Dawes offers the opportunity to obtain a singular glimpse of our ethereal existence.

TRLab Notes

Brendan Dawes approaches NFTs as a new, vital vessel in his art practice. Channeling unbridled creativity through meticulous code and unrelenting curiosity, his work in the digital space is unparalleled. A Lumen Prize alumni, his art has featured in many exhibitions across the world including Big Bang Data in thirteen cities. As a crowning achievement, he is in the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art. With AI 2041, Dawes offers a very personal exploration of a question that may be ultimately inconclusive - what is happiness?

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