Brendan Dawes

Three One Three by Brendan Dawes

Brendan Dawes uses cutting-edge generative methods and data to visualise forms of everyday life that he transforms into complex mathematical configurations. The UK-based artist draws much of his inspiration from popular culture and nature, often revolving his work around the concept of time and memory. These analytical explorations into our relationship with time and space have been an ongoing theme in Dawes's work as he continues to question our understanding of the surrounding world.

The Pandora Variations by Brendan Dawes

Arcade Machine Dreams by Brendan Dawes

I think that's the correlation of all my other work I have done...What people say to me, is that there is a bit of humanness in [my artworks]. But I don't press SHIFT + F12 to make it more human. That's what comes out—I don't know any other way to do it.

- Brendan Dawes

A Lumen Prize and Aesthetica Art prize alumni, his work has been 3D printed on the International Space Station and featured in many exhibitions across the world including Big Bang Data in thirteen cities, three MoMA shows in New York together with his Cinema Redux work becoming part of the MoMA permanent collection in 2008.

The Collectors by Brendan Dawes

TRLab Notes

Brendan Dawes uses code to create art. His revolutionary vision is aptly facilitated by harnessing the full potential of a computer and the limitless boundaries of his imagination. With AI 2041, Dawes is unleashed to explore humanity in a way that results in even more deep questions rather than cogent answers. TRLab is honored to collaborate with him in presenting a collection of highly exclusive NFT artwork.

Artworks By Brendan Dawes