Evident Mirror

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Evident Mirror envisions how the path of human evolution may be altered by the inevitable amalgamation of machine and humanity into a new profound form of artificial intelligence.


Ash Thorp




2560 X 1300

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Behind the scenes

The future approaches with an expectation that 'machines' may have a new place - more intimately integrated amongst organic life. Humanity isn't being hijacked, it is being enhanced and empowered by artificial intelligence. There is forthcoming beauty in this visual metamorphosis. Discovering the beginning of something wonderful.

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Close-up shot - Evident Mirror

Work in progress - Evident Mirror

Art is a vessel allowing infinite explorations of my curiosities. Evident Mirror explores my fascination with human evolution and our possible transformation into advanced versions of what we are to become.

- Ash Thorp

Work in progress - Evident Mirror

In Ash Thorp's artwork Evident Mirror, he aims to suggest that the path between man and technology is not at perilous odds. The epiphany is that a glorious merger is imminent. Our identity is not in question. In fact, our individuality will be amplified. Humanity may reach its true potential as AI helps with our faults and limitations. Granting us the opportunity to achieve our best selves in this riptide of constant change and evolution.

TRLab Notes

Ash Thorp is using NFTs as a conduit that allows us to gain further insight into his remarkable imagination. In Hollywood, Thorp has contributed to some of the most ground-breaking and stunningly beautiful science fiction spectacles of recent years. With AI 2041, Thorp offers the distinct opportunity to acquire his version of human evolution’s transformative future.

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