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Evident Construct

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Evident Construct is a rendered deconstruction of the foundational artwork Evident Mirror in which humanity and machine’s pathways merge into a singular identity.


Ash Thorp




2560  X 2560
MP4(24.7MB), MOV_HD(545.6MB)

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Behind the scenes

The rudimentary mechanism of 'machine' suggests that there is order at every level, calculating repetitious and precise outputs of information. Highlighting a considerable disparity between this regimented and pragmatic methodology of machine versus the organic nature of humanity. A new form of artificial intelligence is emerging to close the divide.

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Close-up shot - Evident Construct

Work in progress - Evident Construct

Evident Construct is a pictorial treatment replicating my interpretation of how a machine would visualize the process and perception of light, value, tone, and form.

- Ash Thorp

Work in progress - Evident Construct

This edition artwork by Ash Thorp offers a different perspective on the thesis of Evident Mirror through the transformative viewpoint of machine. The deconstruction of photorealistic imagery into diminutive pixels and its regeneration of visual sequences into a new cluster of events. This is the dawn of a new profound AI.

TRLab Notes

Ash Thorp is using NFTs as a conduit that allows us to gain further insight into his remarkable imagination. In Hollywood, Thorp has contributed to some of the most ground-breaking and stunningly beautiful science fiction spectacles of recent years. With AI 2041, Thorp offers the distinct opportunity to acquire his version of human evolution’s transformative future.

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