Dreaming of Plentitude


Robbie Trevino's artwork is a very personal exploration. Human psychology is the focus. Our very purpose is the new question in this new society.


Robbie Trevino




3000 X 3600

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Behind the scenes

As modern day society has evolved, our identity has been directly linked to our job. Routinely, the phrase 'what do you do?' precedes a conversation. In every facet of our existence, one’s occupation defines how others relate and instantly applies a perceptual construct rooted in money. To a certain degree, monetary success determines our value as a human being, despite the drastic oversimplification and crudeness of such a measure. Our very purpose in life is indelibly intertwined with our occupation.

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Work in progress

Work in progress

The eradication of poverty and elimination of jobs resulting in humans lacking purpose really resonated with me a concept. This is a question I have pondered for many years. What would humans do when left to their own devices?

- Robbie Trevino

Work in progress

Robbie Trevino's artwork is focused on exploring AI 2041's chapter entitled "Dreaming of Plentitude". In this story, poverty has been eradicated and money-making jobs are no longer necessary, impacting humanity in ways that may not be entirely positive. Despite life becoming vastly easier and the frustrations and disappointments of grinding careers have become anachronisms, humans have somehow lost their sense of purpose. Aimless and despondent, our collective compass no longer points in any clear direction, leaving us with new issues, new crises and new fears.

TRLab Notes

Robbie Trevino's intimate exploration of human psychology attempts to address the essence of life - our very purpose for existence. There's vulnerability and a delicate dimensionality in his musing on society and our place in it. Self-discovery is the new challenge and understanding yourself is perhaps our new occupation.

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