Robbie Trevino

Ritual Styletest by Robbie Trevino

Robbie Trevino is a conceptual artist and Illustrator based in Seattle, WA, specializing in surreal and sci-fi illustration and design. Following a childhood love of all things mechanically and biologically designed he studied at a traditional art school and has worked professionally in AAA Games, TV and Film for the past 10 years.

Numinous by Robbie Trevino

Contemplate by Robbie Trevino

What I enjoy the most [in the creative process] is that every new piece of artwork is essentially a new challenge. Every new piece is an opportunity to create something different.

- Robbie Trevino

Some of his clients include: Lucasfilm (Star Wars), Tool, DeadMau5, Magic the Gathering, Netflix (Love, Death and Robots), Valve, Xbox, Mondo, 3D Total, ArtStation, PixelVault (CryptoPunks Comic issue#1) and many more. He is also the creator of the multimedia project "Numinous".

Tool Detroit by Robbie Trevino

TRLab Notes

Robbie Trevino's work in games and film is highly distinguished. His impact has been intensely felt in his projects that include Star Wars. In his foray into NFTs with AI 2041, the artwork he has produced is very personal. He offers us an intimate window into humanity, facing a crisis of identity and purpose.

Artworks By Robbie Trevino