Transient Eternity—101 Ignitions of Gunpowder Paintings

Larys Frogier, the director of Rockbund Art Museum, states, "In 2010, Cai Guo-Qiang transformed 'low-tech' inventions, handmade by peasants, into the art project Peasant Da Vincis. It debuted at Rockbund Art Museum before travelling to various institutions around the world, including CCBB in Rio de Janeiro, where it became the most visited exhibition by a living artist in the world in 2013.

Over a decade later, the artist integrates the 'high-tech' nature of the NFT with his gunpowder paintings to create another art project. The project poses the questions: What defines an artist's work? What is an art project? It reflects on the questions surrounding the transience and eternity of the digital age symbolized by NFTs, and the core concept of how value is stored. In the isolation age of pandemic and post-pandemic, the project aims to reflect on the weight of transient existence in the eternal river of time."

Behind the scene: Transient Eternity—101 Ignitions of Gunpowder Paintings

Behind the scene: Transient Eternity—101 Ignitions of Gunpowder Paintings

TRLab is pleased to introduce the first NFT work by internationally acclaimed artist Cai Guo-Qiang: Transient Eternity—101 Ignitions of Gunpowder Paintings. The piece was commissioned by the Rockbund Art Museum on the occasion of its tenth anniversary and the launch of its brand-new digital platform RAM+, in partnership with TRLab. As a continuation of Cai Guo-Qiang's first NFT work, Exploding the Self is a small surprise for the NFT community.


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Xin Li-Cohen, the Chairwoman of TRLab, remarks: "We are privileged to collaborate with Cai Guo-Qiang in his first ever NFT. I've followed his artistic journey over the last decade and have always known Cai to be an artist who embraces innovation. We are ecstatic to join forces with Cai to spearhead TRLab's journey in bridging the art and crypto worlds."