the Wholeness of Existence


the Wholeness of Existence is about autonomy. The code itself creates art for its author. AI 2041 inspires Joshua Davis with the way a machine might complete its directive, yet the way it does so may always vary.






3840 X 2160

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Behind the scenes

the Wholeness of Existence by Joshua Davis is a statement on creative autonomy. The artwork is driven by an algorithmic program; the code itself is creating art. The colors are among the parameters set forth by its author. As the composition slowly emerges, there's a decreasing number of forces that eventually stop when there's no more momentum. The final result is determined by many decisions made deliberately, and only 60 of the 662 images are presented in the collection. There's certainly a framework, yet endless possibilities.

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Color scheme inspired by the Holi in Sri Lanka (Chapter 6, The Holy Driver)

Sampling of color

The most beautiful part is writing the program. And nobody sees it but me. For me, there is so much beauty in writing this program that only I get to observe, and everybody just gets to see the output of this poem.

- PrayStation

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Although in 3D space, our perception is altered upon closer inspection. A subtle 2D lattice grid serves as a Brechtian break of the 4th wall. The sleek simulation is purposefully disrupted to alert us of its imperfect human origins. AI 2041 serves as inspiration in interpreting the way a machine may take on chores and tasks with endless variables and how the path may end, but the way there might always be different.

TRLab Notes

the Wholeness of Existence by Joshua Davis is an edition of 60 unique works, curated by the artist from among 662 compositions. This artwork is Davis at his most ambitious. He is offering us moments in the life of AI he created, which in turn is creating. Relishing these rare few glimpses will have to suffice.

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