Gods Behind the Masks


Min Shi's feverishly surreal artwork guides us deep into the artist’s subconscious, where an arrestingly bewildering, delirious dreamscape awaits.


Min Shi




3840 X 2160
MP4(150.5MB), MOV_HD(3.27GB)

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Behind the scenes

With Gods Behind The Masks, Min Shi creates a dreamscape that is familiar yet totally twisted in a way that poses only questions—no answers. The artist urges us to find our own meaning. Puzzling and ultimately ambiguous, this place is an amalgamation of fantasy and delusion. It exposes the surreal inner world that exists just beneath the facade we put on to face our everyday lives that can become boring and predictable.

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Mask Model - Work In Progress

Clay Render

I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

- Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

Redshift Shader - Work In Progress

At no point in this journey is the path clear. Each step forward refuses to reveal a destination, keeping us in a heightened state of awareness. AI 2041, in which perhaps only the iguanas know what's actually real, inspired this exploration. Humanity is no longer certain of anything. Do we even really care? Perhaps reality becomes entirely subjective. No universal truth exists in a time when alternative facts have triumphed. Truth is now in the eye of the beholder.

TRLab Notes

In Gods Behind The Masks, Min Shi shares a glimpse into the deep recesses of her mind. She willfully transports us somewhere bewildering, provoking us to examine our surroundings as well as inside ourselves. Old TVs and iguanas abound in this delirious dreamscape inspired by AI 2041.

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