Min Shi

Glissando by Min Shi

Min Shi lives for creativity and exploration, choosing to spend time polishing her skills with personal projects. She enjoys an intimate connection with the world around her, drawing inspiration from unexpected places, her work reflecting this in its diversity and attention to detail.

HBO The Swamp by Min Shi

Passionate about individuals and their stories, she feels it's important to explore characters and their backgrounds, always being sensitive to the nuances that make us unique individuals. Her keen observations allow her to bridge the gap between physical and emotional, tradition and modernity, negative and positive, literal and abstract.

Glissando by Min Shi

I like the idea of freedom [with NFTs]. It lets the artist explore the content and topics that are deeply rooted in the mind. Whether it is something small like a personal subjective feeling, or something big..., I appreciate the inclusive content that has been made in this market.

- Min Shi

By seamlessly weaving together political and cultural commentary she presents us with her vision for the future, a surreal world of contradictions, visual stories that explore what it means to be.

DC Doom Patrol by Min Shi

TRLab Notes

Min Shi exhibits a level of virtuosity in her work that's rarely seen in a young artist. In her haunting yet serene vision, she delivers a confident statement and fearlessly reveals her subconscious. Exploring the corners of her mind, we are transported to a world that is defined by arresting surrealism and wondrous moments.

Artworks By Min Shi