Blake Kathryn

Seven Sirens by Blake Kathryn

Blake Kathryn is a Los Angeles based artist. Her work balances between concept and commercial realms spanning across various industries including music, fashion and tech. Select client collaborations include: Adidas, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Lil Nas X, Pabllo Vittar, and has had key influence in the Kpop Industry.

Streamway by Blake Kathryn

Hot Bot Summer by Blake Kathryn

I definitely feel like my artworks - not even by force, just how I work - are all shared universe. I do have a guilty pleasure focus when it comes to color palette and lighting.

- Blake Kathryn

Blake's work is recognized for its vibrant palettes and ethereal undertones with a surreal futurist aesthetic. She derives inspiration from studies of cinematography, architecture, science fiction and classic anime. She is often found generating freckles in the glow of her desktop.

Seasons by Blake Kathryn

TRLab Notes

Blake Kathryn's work exudes empowered femininity. Her lush and harmonious textures result in beautiful, soulful compositions. There's a gentle yet exceedingly confident approach, underpinned by strength, determination and focus. There's almost sorcery in the way she carefully draws us in very close, establishing a very real sense of immediacy and intimacy.

Artworks By Blake Kathryn