Audrey Ou

Co-Founder and CEO

As CEO and co-founder, Audrey is TRLab's business leader, artist liaison, and a frequent speaker on fine art NFTs. Audrey's passion for art started from a young age, and grew with her family founding the Rockbund Art Museum in 2010. Audrey holds a B.A in History from Princeton University and a M.S. in Applied Analytics from Columbia University. Audrey has also been named to the 2023 Forbes 30 Under 30 List, the 2022 Apollo Magazine 40 Under 40 Asia Pacific List, and the 2022 Tatler Gen.T List.

Xin Li-Cohen

Co-Founder and Chairwoman

As a trusted advisor to the world's top art collectors for more than a decade, Xin is TRLab's strategic advisor and market trend guru in addition to her primary role as Deputy Chairman at Christie's.

Our investors and partners

Alexander S. C. Rower, the grandson of artist Alexander Calder and president of the Calder Foundation, is a self-proclaimed NFT skeptic. He had fielded numerous pitches about the possibility of an Alexander Calder NFT by the time he spoke with TRLab founders Xin Li-Cohen and Audrey Ou at Art Basel Miami Beach last December. That's when something finally clicked.

Traditional artists such as U.S.-based Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang, who didn't have prior experience with digital art or blockchain technology, are drawn to TRLab because of this approach, and the fact the platform works with artists to realize their ideas. In July, Cai's Transient Eternity—101 Ignitions of Gunpowder Paintings, fetched US$2.5 million through a TRLab auction.

TRLab, a platform for collecting art in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), raised $4.2 million in a funding round to diversify its collection. Co-founder Xin Li-Cohen, also the non-executive deputy chairman at Christie's, shares insights into the raise, Christie's role as TRLab's marketing partner, and NFT trends to watch in 2022.

Amid the explosion of NFT initiatives of the last year looking to cash in on the crypto-art craze, how do you stand out? The six-month-old TRLab (for the Latin term “tabula rasa” or blank slate) thinks it has the answer, with a considered mix of newbie artists and seasoned art-world stars, a focus on measures to build real community—and, above all, a powerhouse leadership team.

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