TRLab is a Fine Art NFT Platform

July 8, 2022 | Updated on June 9, 2023

We fuse NFT technology with fine art expertise to pioneer the future of collecting. By offering a full-service platform and leveraging proprietary technology, we enable our partners to fully explore NFTs as a medium.

Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to producing, launching, selling, or collecting NFT art, we are here to innovate and break new ground.

As a thought leader in the fine art NFT space, we aim to support artists and collectors in two primary ways:


Why a platform?

TRLab leverages NFT technology to support our two key audiences: artists and collectors. We build meaningful experiences for art fans and collectors at every touchpoint. In parallel, we provide a space for our artistic partners to focus on what they do best: bringing their artistic vision to life.

How we are different: We partner with artists to help them issue NFT artworks, but the intellectual property rights of the artworks remain with the artists. This is a mission-critical decision for us. It is core to our values that intellectual property rights remain protected. Our goal is to retain an artist’s creative expression and originality.

For art fans and collectors, we do more than sell beautiful artworks from highly coveted artists. We foster intimate experiences between artist and collector, empowering our community to connect and bond with their favorite creators.

And because we are an international platform, we aim to be inclusive and accessible to art lovers and collectors from all over the world.

Our full-service platform takes on the development of the full lifecycle of a new artistic NFT experience:


  • Align on mission and goals with partner.
  • Combine our web3 expertise with deep art knowledge to create custom NFT proposals.


  • Develop custom smart contract on the Ethereum network that is secure, efficient, and flexible.
  • Manage end-to-end minting and sale process to create any interactive NFT mechanisms.


  • Produce a unique and user-friendly website to support the full purchase experience.
  • Build UX/UI design, web3 integration, game mechanics, pre-sale and sale processes.

4D_4 (1).png

  • Create rich storytelling assets and dynamic touch points to drive engagement.
  • Establish partnerships with adjacent brands and communities.

What does this mean for TRLab collectors and fans?

First and foremost, thank you to our collectors and fans for your support and encouragement! It is deeply felt across the team, and we are continually energized by the enthusiasm from our community.

Announcing the TRLab Membership Program: Tabula Rasa Social

To recognize this enthusiasm and further establish TRLab as the community for art NFTs, we are announcing our membership program: Tabula Rasa Social (TRSocial). Through this program, we hope to cultivate a borderless space for long-term collectors and supporters to come together.

The Leaderboard

Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 9.30.44 PM.png

The first phase of our membership program will be a way to publically highlight our strongest supporters, those who collect TRLab issued NFTs and those who spend their (valuable) time with us, in the form of a leaderboard. This leaderboard will showcase and rank members on a point system that is based on NFTs collected and time spent in our community. Certain NFTs will reward more points than others, and the more points each member accumulates, the higher the score, the more perks earned.

The perks

0_8sDGpdb4e2KzZB1Y.pngThese categories of perks will grow with time and as opportunities arise. The perks will be dynamic, as they align with our ongoing artistic partnerships. By using blockchain technology, we will capture what’s in your collection on a near real-time basis. We will refresh the leaderboard once a day at 10am EST. For those of you who have been supporting TRLab, this is great news. The points you’ve earned are recognized today as a part of your ranking. Check your ranking here.

As our first perk, the top 150 members of Tabula Rasa Social will have early beta access to Gallery, a social platform for curating & sharing your NFTs. This beta grants our members their services otherwise available only to people on Gallery’s early access allowlist. Gallery’s services are widely used by prominent collectors within the NFT space, notably FlamingoDAO, Friends With Benefits (FWB), and more. The top 150 members will be announced in the coming days.

Join our fleet: Tabula Rasa Social

We would like to welcome you to embark on this inspiring voyage with us. Our core values of innovation, curation, and accessibility are reflected in our every decision. With these values, we aim to elevate the landscape of NFT art and empower the next generation of the art community by unlocking access to one-of-a-kind art collections.

Our artist partners will continue to bring to life their artworks over the next months, and we will design experiences that are second to none. We hope to see you soon, on Twitter, Instagram, in Discord, on our leaderboard, or maybe IRL.

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