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TRLab Announces Partnership With Vogue To Offer NFT Art Inspired By Vogue Meta-Ocean
Featuring Six Pioneering Digital Artists From Around The World Nominated By Vogue Editorial Teams

October 11, 2022 | Updated on June 9, 2023

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NEW YORK (October 11, 2022) — Fine art platform TRLab announces a new partnership with international editions of Vogue, to offer a curated collection of NFT artworks inspired by Vogue’s Meta-Ocean, the oceanic metaverse world that was first unveiled to the fashion community in September.

From Tuesday October 11, TRLab will feature the special collection of NFTs on its sale platform, showcasing six pioneering digital artists from around the world: Jessica Ticchio, Anushka Tendolkar, Khyati Trehan, Baoyang Chen, Cattin Tsai, and Momo Chen. Each artist found inspiration for their contributed works in Meta-Ocean's intersecting themes of fine art, fashion, and web3 technology. Successful buyers of the collection NFTs will be eligible to receive a one-year subscription to Vogue Club or Vogue Business with each artwork purchase, and gain member access to exclusive events throughout the year.

Ciara Byrne, Vice President of New Business Innovation at Condé Nast, commented:

“We are delighted to continue exploring the world of Web3 with this exciting partnership with TRLab. This project showcases outstanding artists expertly curated by Vogue teams from around the world. Their exceptional digital art is already discoverable in our Vogue meta-ocean and now available to our communities to collect and own on TRLab.”

“TRLab is delighted to launch this special sale and partnership with Vogue, to further amplify the energy and engagement created by the Vogue Meta-Ocean experience,”

said Audrey Ou, Co-Founder and CEO of TRLab.

"This is an exciting moment to showcase digital art and talent from around the world and to connect TRLab's global community of collectors with an exceptional group of artists nominated by Vogue's own editorial teams.”

In connection with the Meta-Ocean World Project, TRLab is proud to support Climate Outreach, its project Climate Visuals, and specifically, its photography project Ocean Visuals, which identifies the need for more impactful, diverse, and equitably accessible ocean-climate imagery. Climate Outreach is a charity registered in England and Wales. Learn more at https://climatevisuals.org/oceanvisuals/.

To view the full collection of NFT artworks, visit Vogue.trlab.com.





Featured artists and artworks

Jessica Ticchio

Jessica - cover image.pngInspired by minimalism, surrealism and ubiquitous sculptural forms, Jessica Ticchio reimagines the world through a contemporary art lens. Building a vision of boundless dreamscapes and gravity-defying sculptures, her work aims to evoke peace and relaxation; a moment of calm and clarity for the mind.

Jessica has been active in the creative industry since 2010, working closely with some of the world’s leading brands and publications. Always open to collaboration and discussion, her art has appeared across the globe, including in Vogue Australia, Art Premium Paris, 1stDibs Introspective NYC, Slowdown Studio LA and in Cryptoportal – Prague’s first NFT art gallery.

Her work "Real Life" explores the physical realm in a digital world. Created through sculpting in Virtual Reality, “Real Life” is a digital creation brought to life through a process that feels strangely hands-on. It is a focus on the joy of creating art with your hands. It is finding warmth and intimacy in what can sometimes feel like a vast digital world.

Anushka Tendolkar

VoguexAnushkatendolkar_1.pngAnushka Tendolkar is an award-winning communication designer and visual artist born and brought up in Mumbai, India. Currently based out of Bangalore, she is working as a UI/UX designer in the electric automotive sector, while freelancing as a brand designer and illustrator for all things visual. She constantly tries different mediums and styles for her work which finds its inspiration from scenarios in everyday life, food and pop culture. Some of her clients include Adobe, Dentsu, KFC, Kyoorius, Kyoona and her own line of apparel with streetwear brand Warping Theories. Her work has also been featured in DesignxDesign’s curated list of 20 under 30 designers in 2021, Grazia India 2022, Vogue India 2022 and Homegrown.

Her work "A moment" is a classic example of Anushka's personal work where she finds inspiration from situations or moods she is going through. At an overwhelming point, taking moments to herself becomes a necessity to keep her calm and composed and figure out what to do next. A moment to the artist can sometimes look soothing, sometimes vibrant, sometimes so neutral that she cannot gauge her own feelings. But finding solace in nature, the warmth of plants and the sheer beauty of butterflies is a visual that culminates in a mental mood board of the perfect moment, a minute to herself.

Khyati Trehan

Vogue Ecotherapy 1 (2).jpg

Khyati Trehan is an independent graphic designer and 3D visual artist from New Delhi, India. Her work is textural, playful, emotive and driven by an ache to make the intangible tangible, though her love for the sciences has a tendency to sneak in. Khyati’s career has seen her work across disciplines, drawing inspiration from the context of the work and often exploring the edges of all things visual for the likes of the Oscars, New York Times, New Yorker Magazine, Deepmind, Warner Music, Apple, Google, Absolut, Instagram and Snapchat. Khyati was one of Print Magazine's 15 New Visual Artists under 30 in 2017, was chosen as the Artistry Creator of the Year at Adweek’s Creator Visionary Awards, won the ADC Young Guns 19 and most recently, made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 India List.

Her work "Ecotherapy" is a set of 3D digital illustrations and an investigation into the therapeutic qualities of entropy in nature. We feel interconnected with the earth and have an undeniable, almost mystical bond with organic and imperfect entities that exist in our ecosystems. No matter how much dynamism & movement the artist added to the scene, how many elements she stacked one on top of the other, and how many simulated winds and forces she subjected the elements to, even a synthetic and chaotic representation of nature manages to induce a sense of calm. Extending the subject of the project to the process, the pieces were modeled slowly, at ease, over days and without the pressure to be productive or the rush to create.

Baoyang Chen

TRLAB-Cover.jpegBaoyang Chen is a creator working between technology and art, and a faculty of the School of Experimental Art at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He graduated from Columbia University with a master's degree in 2016. His artistic creation comes from his thinking that technology is not just a means of creation - technology is now more like a collaborator for artists. He often modifies existing technologies, not placing them in a product manager's preset application scenarios but combining them with his own creative thinking. He also wrote "Technology as Authors". Through his research on the ontology of technology, he explores the relationship between technology, artists and the public. His research has been published in conferences and journals such as IJCAI, IEEE, and ACM. His works have been widely exhibited around the globe, and he has held solo exhibitions at Zhejiang Art Museum (Hangzhou, China), K11 Wuhan (Wuhan, China), Cc Art Center (Shanghai, China), TX Art Center (Shanghai, China), Gallery Yang (Beijing, China), Quantum Gallery (Shanghai, China) and Cloud Gallery (New York, USA).

With his work "Unproven Fallacy", Baoyang asks: Is unproven fallacy scientific? When our cognition of the world is not enough to understand what we see, we naturally use our imagination to fill the cognitive gaps. Since ancient times, our imagination of the unknown has gradually become a myth looming on the distant skyline. This work brings creativity to rethink ancient mythology. 

Cattin Tsai

3C0-1.jpgA contemporary 3D VISUAL art creator, Cattin Tsai founded A.G.N. VISUAL STUDIO. In her art practice, she tries to express the virtual world in her mind with different dimensional forms. Cattin's representative works include "Cyber 0", "Memes", "THE UNREAL WORLD", etc. She has co-participated in works including Chen Tianzhuo 's “Dust”, "Thoughtlessness-non-Thoughtlessness Heaven", among others. Her installation works include "Sumeru 0X0", "Ψυχομετρία (Psychometry)", and so on. She now lives and works in Hangzhou.

Her work "3C0”, a structural part of ocean creature, exists in different forms in parallel universes and has unique mystical energy. It might turn into sort of silver or become a special existence accompanied by the precipitation of time, or even the huge structure standing on the surface of the VOGUE OCEAN.

Momo Chen

EARTH (2).jpg

Momo Chen is a photographer, director and digital artist utilizing a combination of digital and analog tools to express, manipulate and expand the definition of “beauty".

"Future Landscape” captures the five elements as defined by Chinese philosophers, bridging ancient Chinese culture and the future, reality and nothingness, the tactile and the virtual, life and death within nature, and the infinite possibilities of the digital state. 

To view more artworks from these six artists, visit Vogue.trlab.com.



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The Ocean Visuals project aims to catalyze a new evidence-based collection of impactful and truly diverse ocean and coastal climate imagery – all freely accessible to the media, non-profit sector and education sector in the ‘Ocean Super Year’, the run up to United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt and beyond into the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. Ocean Visuals is a collaboration as part of Climate Visuals – the world's only evidence-based and impact-focused climate photography resource. Climate Visuals is run by Climate Outreach, an organization focused on widening and deepening public engagement with climate change.

About TRLab

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Co-founded by Xin Li-Cohen, Christie’s non-executive Deputy Chairman, and TRLab CEO Audrey Ou, TRLab fuses NFT technology with fine art expertise to pioneer the future of collecting. TRLab’s team has successfully conceived and launched NFT projects with leading digital and traditional artists, including The Calder Question, an educational NFT experience devoted to the artist Alexander Calder, and Your Daytime Fireworks, an interactive collecting journey with contemporary artist Cai Guo-Qiang, which has been shortlisted for a 2022 Lumen Prize for Art and Technology. Backed by investors from the tech and art sectors, TRLab’s partners and investors include Dragonfly Capital, Pace Verso, and Rockbund Art Museum, one of Asia’s premier contemporary art museums. Learn more about TRLab projects at www.trlab.com.

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