TRLab Announces Next Phase of Roadmap #TheTRLabWay

May 17, 2022 | Updated on March 5, 2023

Roadmap (banner).jpegWe announced our first roadmap on January 26, 2022. Over the last six months, we’ve been thrilled to see our community grow tremendously as our art experiences continue to resonate. As we take a moment to reflect, we want to highlight a few notable moments and provide insight into our path forward.

Reflecting on the NFT artworks and experiences we’ve launched

  • Transient Eternity—101 Ignitions of Gunpowder Paintings: our first-ever NFT project in collaboration with Master Cai Guo-Qiang. It was sold for $2.5M, a record-breaking number for NFTs from a non-crypto-native artist.
  • Exploding the Self: a continuation of Transient Eternity, as a surprise for our community. All 99 limited editions were sold out within 4.5 minutes.
  • AI 2041: inspired by stories from Chen Qiufan and Kai-Fu Lee’s book AI 2041: Ten Visions For Our Future, this project is one of the first cross-medium collaborations between authors and artists.
  • Fractal Monarch by David Ariew x Tatler Asia: an NFT project for a good cause. 50% of the proceeds were donated to the charity organization Save The Children. Fractal Monarch was also the first NFT to get featured on a Chinese magazine cover.
  • Your Daytime Fireworks: our third and most ambitious NFT project in collaboration with Master Cai. We are currently halfway through this project and we welcome new participants to join this immersive art experience. If you’re new, you can start here.

Celebrating our community growth

  • Our community on Discord and Twitter has grown significantly (nearly doubling on Discord and exponentially on Twitter!) since the beginning of the year and we are seeing daily growth in engagement across both channels. To provide a better experience, we’ve expanded our community team and onboarded new moderators.
  • Our community is at the core of everything we do. Your feedback guides our future as we continue to push boundaries.

On our evolving roadmap

As we forge ahead to the second half of 2022 and beyond, we are emphasizing the 3 key pillars that uphold the TRLab experience: Innovation, Curation, and Accessibility. This updated version of our roadmap serves as additional transparency to our community and provides greater clarity on where we are going, why we are moving in this direction, and the possibilities ahead.

The pace of innovation within the NFT space continues to inspire us all. So without further ado, please find our roadmap below.

Roadmap (updated) (4).png

Stage I: Join the TRLab fleet (our membership program)

Embedded in this roadmap is the beginnings of our membership program, which will be shared in greater detail in the coming weeks. We will continue to serve our earliest supporters and highlight our community in fun and innovative ways through this program.

But before these details are released, here’s some alpha: Your Daytime Fireworks collectors who’ve collected a set of 90 Your Daytime Fireworks and Imagine This will gain exclusive access and special benefits. Additionally, collectors of some special combinations (to be announced at the end of the project) will also have benefits.

Two things are evident in this roadmap: the power of community & caliber of creators. Will you join us on this voyage to be vanguards of NFT art?

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