TRLab 2022 Highlights

December 22, 2022 | Updated on October 9, 2023

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2022 was a defining year for TRLab and we are grateful for the opportunity to develop this community with you. Thank you for fostering a welcoming and inclusive community. With you, we've been able to welcome people from all over the world.

In alignment with our mission, we've launched innovative ways to experience art while building bridges across the traditional and new. We are honored to have partnered with renowned artists, institutions, and major brands including Cai Guo-Qiang, the Calder Foundation, and Vogue.

Here are some of our 2022 highlights.


TRLab Global Highlights







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2022 Partnership Highlights

We launched 4 ground-breaking partnerships: AI 2041, Your Daytime Fireworks with Cai Guo-Qiang, The Calder Question with the Calder Foundation, and Vogue Meta-Ocean.

AI 2041


Inspired by stories from Chen Qiufan and Kai-Fu Lee's book AI 2041: Ten Visions For Our Future, this partnership was one of the first cross-medium collaborations between authors and artists. It represents two promising emerging technologies: AI and the blockchain.

Over seven weeks of anticipated reveals, the seven artists released 200+ unique editions. Each collection sold out within 24 hours upon release.

  • 7 leading digital artists participated in this collection: Ash Thorp, Blake Kathyrn, Brendan Dawes, Min Shi, NessGraphics, Praystation, and Robbie Trevino.
  • Dreaming of Plentitude by Robbie Trevino sold out in 2 hours' time, the fastest sellout time of the entire partnership.
  • A total of 189 collectors purchased an AI 2041 artwork.

Your Daytime Fireworks


Your Daytime Fireworks, TRLab’s third NFT collaboration with artist Cai Guo-Qiang, invited collectors to embark on a magical journey to explore and participate in Cai’s world of daytime fireworks. The journey consisted of 90 Cailendar Days, 90 Daytime Fireworks, and 14 firework variants across 12 countries, all under different weather conditions. This was a truly community-driven art collection where the rarity of each firework was ultimately determined by community members that participated.

  • 7,000 NFTs were purchased.
  • The public sale sold out in 62 seconds.
  • 20 collectors spent more than $10,000 (USD), the equivalent value of a starter physical Cai artwork, to collect Daytime Firework NFTs.

The Calder Question: Season 1

Calder in his Roxbury studio, 1947. Photograph by Herbert Matter. © 2022 Calder Foundation, New York / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

The Calder Question is the first official NFT experience devoted to the pioneering genius of 20th-century artist Alexander Calder. This next-generation application of NFT technology integrates elements of arts education, gaming, and NFT collecting into a fine arts-focused interactive experience open to art enthusiasts and collectors at all levels.

Participants who successfully passed a challenging 20+ question quiz on the life of Calder could mint a free collectible NFT. This NFT then served as a puzzle piece for an additional game to unlock rewards, and access to the Calder Foundation.

  • 1,200 participants completed the Calder Quiz.
  • The average quiz score was 76% accuracy.
  • 3,700+ NFTs and TRCABs were minted.
  • 36% of participants were new (have 10 or fewer NFTs in wallet) to NFTs.*
  • Participants from over 60 countries joined Season 1 of The Calder Question. Watch for Season 2 announcements in the new year!

Vogue Meta-Ocean


Inspired by Vogue Meta-Ocean, the oceanic metaverse world that was first unveiled to the fashion community in September 2022, this partnership marks the first global Vogue-curated NFT collection. This collection showcases six pioneering digital artists from around the world: Jessica Ticchio, Anushka Tendolkar, Khyati Trehan, Baoyang Chen, Cattin Tsai, and Momo Chen. Each artist found inspiration for their contributed works in Meta-Ocean's intersecting themes of fine art, fashion, and web3 technology.

Successful buyers of the collection will be eligible to receive a one-year subscription to Vogue Club or Vogue Business with the artwork's primary purchase, and gain member access to exclusive events throughout the year.

Here's to an exciting year ahead. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in 2023!

*Note: We define "New to NFTs" by a 6-month transaction snapshot: if this wallet's very first NFT-related transaction was less than 6 months before they joined TRLab's community, then we consider this wallet a "new" wallet. For example, if a wallet joined our community on February 1, 2022, and if its very first NFT transaction was on January 1, 2022, it is considered "New to NFTs".

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