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The Calder Question Rewards Announcement

November 11, 2022 | Updated on March 5, 2023

Season 1 of The Calder Question will conclude on Tuesday, November 15 at 10 am ET.

What an amazing first season! The entire art world was watching. From studying the Calder Archives and testing your knowledge with the Quiz, to unlocking the opportunity to acquire the Season 1 artworks, we're ecstatic that so many of you took the time to embark on this educational journey to learn about Calder with us. To recap just a few highlights:

  • Participants from over 60 countries have joined The Calder Question
  • Approximately 1,200 participants took the Calder Quiz
  • The average quiz score was 76% accuracy
  • 10% of quiz takers scored a perfect score
  • 984 Nonspace NFTs have been minted
  • 90 Groups have successfully assembled their Nonspace NFTs and unlocked the special presale experience

To our art-focused community, whether you were able to acquire a mesmerizing artwork developed by the Calder Foundation and Raoul Marks, or were able to collect a beautiful Nonspace NFT that was revealed as an element of a Calder mobile, your participation thrills us. Your enthusiasm proves the demand for innovative fine art experiences, and the possibilities of leveraging NFT technology for the sake of art, education, and stewardship.

To thank you, the Calder Foundation has presented us with exclusive rewards such as historic catalogues, flip books, rare stamps and much more. And finally, as part of the TRLab mission and our promise to our most devoted community members, we are opening the application for the private trip to Calder's studio and home in Roxbury, Connecticut where Calder himself settled with his family in 1933.

Roxbury Trip_IG.png
© 2022 Calder Foundation, New York / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Here's how to claim your Season 1 rewards:

1. Rewards Snapshot - 11/15 @ 10 AM ET

On November 15 at 10 AM ET, we will take a snapshot of all participating wallets, exactly when the season ends.

The snapshot will give us a clear picture of all participating wallets and the number of Nonspace NFTs they hold (this is the beauty of the blockchain). This snapshot will capture the following information about your wallet: any Nonspace NFTs it holds, the number of TRCABs you have earned, and any artwork NFTs you have purchased. We will use this information to validate who qualifies for which rewards, so make sure that all your NFTs are in the same wallet by this date to qualify accordingly.

Note: With some rewards, your Nonspace NFT status MUST be Successful prior to the snapshot. You can check the status of your NFT under “My Account” > “My NFTs”.


2. Claim Rewards - 11/16 @ 10 AM ET

Claim Your Rewards_IG (1).png

24 hours later, starting on November 16 at 10 AM ET, you will be able to connect your wallet on and redeem your reward package depending on your collection tier (see chart below). The greater your participation = the rarer the reward you can earn.

Claiming Rewards and Gifts

  • Navigate to the rewards portal under “My Account” > “My Rewards”
  • You will see 3 buttons: 1 for the final TRCAB, 1 for Gifts & Rewards and 1 for Experiences.
  • Once you select the "Claim" button under Gifts & Rewards, you will be able to view your rewards package based on the number of Nonspace NFTs in your wallet as of the snapshot date.
  • All rewards are to be claimed as a package and at no additional cost to you.
  • You must fill out your preferred shipping address in order to successfully claim your package.
  • You will have until November 21 at 10 AM ET to claim your package.

Claiming Experiences

  • In-person or virtual experiences will be offered on an application-basis only via the "My Rewards" page in your account.
  • You can find the full application under "My Account" > "My Rewards" > "Experiences" > "Apply".
  • TRLab will take note of both your application response and your current wallet holdings (Nonspace NFTs and/or TRCABs) for consideration.
  • The Calder Foundation will personally choose the winning applications.
  • The details have not been set for these experiences, but we will reach out to the winning applicants with prospective dates when applicable.
  • You must fill out the application question completely in order to successfully submit your response.
  • You will have until November 21 at 10 AM ET to claim your package.


Season 1 Rewards

Rewards and Gifts (in order of rarity):

(See Tiering System below to check what gifts you qualify for)

  • 1 Copy of Calder by Matter, Published by Cahier's d'Art in direct collaboration with the Calder Foundation
    • Calder by Matter contains approximately three hundred images of Alexander Calder’s sculptures, many of which are published here for the first time. Given unprecedented access to Calder’s work and life over the course of their friendship, acclaimed photographer and graphic designer Herbert Matter captured Calder’s sculptures at different stages of completion, as well as the artist at work in his studio and at home with his family in Roxbury, Connecticut. Published by Cahiers d’Art in direct collaboration with the Calder Foundation, Calder by Matter offers a new perspective on Calder’s oeuvre, life, and creative process.

  • 1 Set of Perls Galleries Rare Historic Catalogues: (Alexander Calder / Joan Miró; Alexander Calder: Recent Gouaches-Early Mobiles; Calder / Space: Drawings 1930-1932; Gouaches 1967-1968; Alexander Calder: Bronze Sculptures of 1944; Alexander Calder: Oil Paintings)
    • This collection of rare catalogues produced for Calder’s exhibitions at Perls Galleries, New York, in the 1960s and 1970s covers a range of the artist’s work—including two unusual bodies of Calder’s art. One showcased his mysterious bronze sculptures from 1944, which were intended to be enlarged on a monumental scale, and another featured a series of ink and gouache drawings from the early 1930s that tackled similar ideas to his groundbreaking mobiles, which were developed around the same time.

  • 1 United States Postal Service Stamp Sheet featuring various Calder works dedicated to Calder on the centennial of his birth
    • The United States Postal Service created a sheet of stamps dedicated to Calder on the centennial of his birth, featuring the hanging mobile Black Cascade, 13 Verticals, the standing mobiles Untitled (c. 1965) and Un effet du japonais (1941), the wire sculpture Rearing Stallion (c. 1928), and the stabile Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1947).

  • 1 Flip Book from a Series of Flip Books featuring various Calder works
    • A series of flip books featuring the hanging mobile Vertical Foliage (1941), the monumental stabile Five Swords (1976), the standing mobile Blue Feather (c. 1948), and the wooden Fish Pull-toy (1960). The inherent motion of these small books is the perfect match for various and dynamic kinetics of Calder’s sculpture.

  • 1 copy of Calder Sculpture by Alexander S. C. Rower signed by the author and Calder's grandson
    • This absorbing volume is the first account of Calder’s sculptural progression, from his figurative wire sculptures and abstract mobiles to his monumental public works. This copy is signed by the book’s author and Calder’s grandson, Alexander S. C. Rower.

  • Exclusive The Calder Question T-Shirts
  • Exclusive The Calder Question Hats
  • Exclusive The Calder Question Tote Bags
  • Exclusive The Calder Question Postcards and Bookmarks

Season 1 Experiences:

  • An exclusive and private tour of Calder's studio and home in Roxbury, Connecticut


Rewards Tiers

How to get the most out of Rewards

All of your Nonspace NFTs must be in the same wallet and should be in the wallet you used to take the quiz in order to stack your rewards for the greatest potential.

If you have moved your Nonspace NFTs to a different wallet or use a hardware wallet, please move over your nonspace NFTs before the snapshot on November 15 at 10 AM ET, so we can record your results accordingly. Note: you may move back your NFTs after November 16, once you have claimed your rewards package and applied to any experiences.

What Rewards and Gifts do you qualify for?

Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 7.12.56 AM.png

Leaderboard points breakdown

Collecting with TRLab also allows you to rank on our TRLab Leaderboard, where you will be eligible for additional rewards, priority access and invitations. Below is the breakdown of points:

  • 1 Nonspace NFT = 8 pts.
    • Please multiply the number of Nonspace NFTs in your wallet by number of points listed above for your gross score.
  • 1 Artwork NFT = 348 points per artwork up to 4 artworks collected.
  • 1 Set of Artwork NFTs = 1940 points for all 5 artworks collected.

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